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Analysis of 6.5 Billion Consumer Datapoints Reveals the Three Rules of Brand Growth

2024/5/17 11:34:41

Blueprint for Brand Growth establishes a framework for marketing prioritisation.

SINGAPORE, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kantar, the world's leading marketing data and analytics company, today introduces the Blueprint for Brand Growth, an analysis of more than 6.5 billion global attitudinal and shopper data points from the past decade. The year-long exploration reveals empirically the key drivers of brand growth, and provides a decision-making framework for marketers to better control the levers of growth that shape their brand future.

Blueprint Diagnostic Approach
Blueprint Diagnostic Approach

The Blueprint is the result of collaboration between Kantar's experts, industry leaders and advanced analytics work combining Kantar's unique BrandZ and Worldpanel data assets. All focused on one question 'How can marketers better drive growth?'. It proves that brands grow through being meaningfully different to more people. Brands that are meaningfully different to more people command 5X market penetration today, and have a real advantage in penetration growth over the next two years. *

To achieve meaningful difference, the three Growth Accelerators and decision-making frameworks Kantar recommends marketers activate are:

The Blueprint builds upon and enhances existing industry research on how brands grow. It importantly proves that while market penetration growth is crucial, solely focusing on this is insufficient to holistically drive sustainable brand, revenue and margin growth. Kantar's analysis underscores the role of differentiation – not just distinctiveness – in forging strong mental connections between consumers and brands as well as defending pricing power.

On introducing Blueprint for Brand Growth, Jane Ostler, Kantar's EVP of Thought Leadership and Blueprint project lead, commented:

"Our Blueprint for Brand Growth sets a new standard for strategic marketing understanding and excellence. Every marketing leader can use this framework to evaluate their brand's own competitive positioning and then shape their strategic response and marketing investment priorities.

For the first time anywhere, we have combined a decade of attitudinal brand research with actual shopper behaviour to more holistically understand the tangible impact marketing has on growth. Among other elements, we see that emotional connections in advertising are crucial. When optimised, they build differentiation and predispose consumers toward a brand, boosting sales and loyalty.

Our newly revealed Growth Accelerators will, instinctively, feel familiar to CMOs. They are now, though, underpinned with new quantifiable evidence of their impact on brand and revenue growth. These are universal truths that every brand can use to focus their strategy and secure the budget for their highest impact activities. "

"At Heineken, we've been working with Kantar on the brand guidance system and looking at meaningful differentiation for a number of years now. This has helped us understand exactly how we can drive growth on our brands." Commented Tony Costella, Global Consumer & Markets Insights Director at Heineken. "A brand like Heineken is at a very different stage in different markets worldwide, so using the Meaningful Different and Salient Framework, we've been able to really get underneath the drivers of meaningful differentiation to understand and connect with certain consumer groups that deliver brand growth across different markets."


About Kantar:

Kantar is the world's leading marketing data and analytics business and an indispensable brand partner to the world's top companies. We combine the most meaningful attitudinal and behavioural data with deep expertise and advanced analytics to uncover how people think and act. We help clients understand what has happened and why and how to shape the marketing strategies that shape their future. 


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